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Infection Control

Offering some of the latest infection control systems in New Zealand


Dr. Weigert has been setting standards in the area of professional cleaning and disinfection for over 100 years. When it comes to instrument reprocessing and dosing technology, Dr. Weigert has continued to set new standards with success. On the basis of this experience, Dr. Weigert offers customised concepts and solutions that ensure maximum safety, exceptional efficiency and easy handling.

Flusher Sanitisers

Bedpan Washer Disinfectors for hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics. Focusing on Ergonomics and the Working Environment. The KEN Bedpan Washer Disinfectors are front operated machines which secures the user an ergonomically correct working posture. Furthermore, the bedpan can be placed directly on the door, to be automatically emptied by door closing. Splashes and odor nuisances are avoided. The door makes it applicable as a slop sink.


Since Haigh designed and manufactured the first Sluicemasters back in 1964, they have been at the forefront of bringing customers simpler and more convenient bedpan and patient waste disposal systems. The latest generation of web-enabled hospital macerators might look and function a lot differently from their forerunners; however the principles of reliability, robustness and the creation of compliant free-flowing effluent that does not unduly stress your drainage have not been lost on the journey.

Washer Sanitisers

The wide range of Steelco products, the efficiency and versatility of the solutions provided meet all customer’s specific needs. A strong capacity for innovation together with a deep market and regulation knowledge have led the company to a significant growth trend.

Medical Plasticware

Warwick SASCo Ltd is an independent family run business established in 1981 to supply sterilizable polyware for hospitals. Warwick SASCo has enjoyed over 30 years success in supplying high quality plastic medical devices and we now supply healthcare professionals in over 65 countries. This worldwide coverage means that we understand your industry, market and local requirements.