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ENT & Speech Pathology

With over 25 years’ experience developing tools for the assessment, diagnosis and management of problems relating to communication, swallowing and voice, XION Medical offers innovative instruments and devices for laryngologists and speech language pathologists. CR Kennedy supplies state-of-the art XION equipment including video naso-pharyngo-larynogoscopes, digital stroboscopy systems and instruments to evaluate swallowing and speech disorders. Our product range fulfils a clinical need to support rigorous and expert voice evaluation and examination of the larynx.

3D Systems

3D imaging is most appropriate for applications in areas with very fine structures and small operating spaces. The combined use of 3D imaging and microscopy serves to optimize interventions, expand diagnostic possibilities and develop new areas of application.

ENT Diagnostic

A top priority for otolaryngologists in applications including sinuscopy and laryngoscopy is the clear visualisation of delicate structures within the head and neck. CR Kennedy offers a range of devices that meet specific diameter, viewing angles and working length requirements for these surgical specialites.

ENT Surgical

ENT Surgery is the speciality concerned with the surgical treatment of the ears, nose, throat. A broad range of devices for the diagnosis and management of diseases of the sinuses, larynx, oral cavity, upper pharynx (mouth & throat) and adjacent structures of the head and neck is available.

Ex-Demo and Traded Equipment

CR Kennedy offers a wide variety of traded and ex-demonstration scope products and equipment, which are refurbished, calibrated and tested to meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications.

Stroboscopy and Acoustic Applications

Voice analysis products offer high-quality recording for accurate representation of patient speech and voice. Techniques such as rigid and flexible laryngoscopy and stroboscopy are enabled with state-of-the art recording equipment and imaging devices.

Swallowing (FEES/MBS)

State-of-the-art swallowing diagnostic systems now meet the needs of a wide range of applications – from acute examination at the patient's bedside to comprehensive examinations with video-endoscopic and video-fluoroscopic methods.


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