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CR Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd is a leading importer and distributor of Medical equipment throughout the Australasian region, providing expert service and support to healthcare professionals in endoscopy and beyond. We supply state-of-the-art endoscopy and endosonography endoscopes and processors for the benefit of healthcare providers and patients alike. Capsule endoscopy, endotherapy devices and reprocessing equipment completes a comprehensive product portfolio.

Miniprobe System

The Fujifilm SP-900 ultrasonic processor together with the wide range of high frequency miniprobes offers enhanced operability with diagnostic ultrasound for more precise and efficient patient examination.

Double Balloon Endoscopy

Developed in 2004 by Fujifilm, Double Balloon Endoscopy enables examination, diagnosis and treatment of the entire small bowel. The revolutionary technique is the gold standard in the field of GI endoscopy.

Capsule Endoscopy

The Intromedic Mirocam capsule endoscopy system uses state of the art imaging technology to provide the highest image resolution and longest operation time, enabling accurate diagnosis of the entire small bowel.

Video Processors & Light Sources

Fujifilm’s 7000 video imaging system uses innovative 4-LED Multi Light technology to support the advancing standards of image enhanced endoscopic imaging.

Specialty Scopes

Designed for superior diagnosis and patient comfort, our range of specialty nasopharygoscopes and laryngoscopes feature high-resolution imaging for improved visibility of the nasal passages and lung.

Duodenoscopes & ERCP

The Fujifilm 500 series video duodenoscopes have improved distal structure, curves and flexibility to achieve better handling during ERCP for examination and treatment of the biliary or pancreatic duct systems.

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

High-resolution B-mode and various imaging modes are incorporated in the new generation Fujifilm SU-1 compact endoscopic ultrasound system to support accurate and precise diagnosis.

GI Endoscopes

The Fujifilm 700 series endoscopes increase usability and enhance visualisation, enabling stunning image clarity and superior resolution with megapixel CMOS technology for noiseless transmission of HD images.

Procedure room products

We provide high-quality products ideally suited for the specific needs of Gastrointestinal Physicians and practitioners. Our suite of tools enable the most effective and efficient execution of endoscopy procedures. Simplify your GI.