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Many of the world's largest stadiums rely on Dallmeier stadium solutions - from grandstand security to software-based support for emergency forces. The patented Panomera® multifocal sensor technology requires only a fraction of the number of camera systems required within conventional solutions. This reduces the cost for planning, implementation, infrastructure and operations many times over and increases the efficiency of the operators. The permanent coverage of large spatial areas with precisely definable minimum resolution density in all image areas ensures events are recorded and observed at all times. In combination with the modules of the Dallmeier HEMISPHERE software platform and Dallmeier recording systems, solutions are available to stadium operators that enable significantly simplified and more user-friendly operation of the systems - for satisfied fans and a safe stadium - at a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


  • Panomera permanently captures the entire scene and simultaneously allows high-resolution detail zooms by several users - live and in the recording
  • Successful intervention and usable evidence through plannable, high resolution over the entire area
  • Reduced fines and easier recovery of penalties for fan misconduct
  • Various video analysis functions, e.g. people counting
  • The HEMISPHERE SeMSy solution suite combines several Panomera® views. Even the largest areas can be viewed without changing the camera views.










For parking areas, the Panomera systems offer optimum coverage of large expanses with minimum outlay for cameras and infrastructure. The minimum resolution required for reliable tracking of damage claims and offences is assured at all times. Analysis techniques such as number plate recognition provide powerful toosl for stadium operators to improve visitor service and save time.

Who is who?

Dallmeier systems allow simple changes of perspective and guarantee an overview of the situation and general contexts with substantially less outlay for infrastructure than conventional solutions. Dallmeier also offers services for integrating face recognition systems, e.g., for "blacklist" procedures or forensic analyses.


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