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Technical development in the Safe City area is currently undergoing a period of enormous change: Conventional video security technology is evolving inexorably into an all-round tool.

With Panomera®-based solutions from Dallmeier, urban authorities have the capability to safeguard even very large public areas with significantly lower infrastructure and operating costs than was previously possible in public area solutions.

In a flexible, modular approach Dallmeier solutions are created by combining camera- and recording-systems with specific modules of the Dallmeier HEMISPHERE software platform. This ensures utmost customer satisfaction with maximum cost efficiency.


  • Lowest possible infrastructure costs due to several times lower number of required cameras compared to conventional solutions
  • Cost-efficient coverage of even very large areas with the patented Panomera® multifocal sensor system
  • Support for emergency response personnel by digital situation assessment
  • Highest standards for data protection and cybersecurity
  • Reduction of operators' workload with AI-based assistance systems
  • Crowd analysis and people countings
  • Integration of adjacent critical infrastructures







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With the patented Panomera camera system, operators can easily capture even extremely large spatial contexts with a small number of cameras at precisely defined resolution density in every area. The result is a much higher operator efficiency, significantly improved control and better court usability of evidence. Permanend recording of the entire scene and the ability of multiple users to zoom into any part of an image in high resolution are unique usability features of Panomera®, and all zooms are even possible in the recording – unlike conventional solutions with single-sensor and PTZ cameras.

AI enables “smart” assistance Systems

The hype surrounding artificial intelligence engenders high expectations everywhere regarding the capabilities to which this technology gives access, precisely in the Safe City area as well. The need to provide decision makers with help in making a realistic evaluation is therefore greater still: What resources are available for intervening in fact when suspicious movement patterns are observed on the video, for example? Do the necessary legal framework conditions even exist? What happens, for example, if an incident is not detected despite the presence of a AI system? What are the consequences for issues of data protection and data security? If these questions have been resolved, even today AI-based systems already offer a wide range of capabilities for supporting emergency response personnel with intelligent prior selection of situations, through people counting, with automatic object tracking or forensic evaluation.






Every Number Counts.

Camera-based people-counting can deliver valuable data which supports security personnel in decision making and response control.


  • Heat maps for public places, major events, railway stations, etc.
  • Alerts for defined “density levels”
  • Integration of data into control desk systems etc.
  • “Predictive analytics” for shortened reaction times and operation support


    AI assistance systems

    AI-based object recognition and image analysis for pre-selection of alarms, Automatic object tracking across multiple cameras




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