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Perimeter and premises protection


Protection against break-in and theft with “Virtual Guard” function

Dallmeier's modular solutions allow the integration and further processing of video-generated data in a wide variety of existing systems. This enables logistics companies to achieve a wide range of economic advantages.


  • Video security for perimeters, business premises and external boundaries helps to reduce theft and vandalism
  • Automated registration and sign-out processes upon entry and exit
  • Improved cycle times in yard management
  • Full-coverage claims managementy
  • Position finding and tracking of shipments in real time
  • Elimination of manual data capture processes for weighing and measuring








Yard management

Dynamic transport order assignment and relaxed lorry drivers GPS tracking of swap bodies and automatic gate assignments enable the dynamic assignment of transport orders and gates to the yard drivers. In addition, real-time displays of the progress of loading and unloading operations not only allow time forecasts, they also provide the capability to install waiting time displays for lorry drivers. The drivers can then relax between trips, internal workflows are improved, satisfaction levels rise among employees and drivers, and the goods are delivered safely to their destination.


Perimeter protection and claims management

Protection for customers and employees It goes without saying, the company must also be protected: Around the perimeter, the patented Panomera® multifocal sensor system guarantees cost-efficient protection against break-ins and theft, with substantially lower infrastructure and personnel costs than conventional systems. Damages can be traced and attributed clearly, both for purposes of transfer of risk and in the event of damage to vehicles and buildings (in the case of rubber lips, for example). Consequently, employees and customer relationships are protected with clear responsibilities and provability.


Position finding and tracking of cargo in real time

Complete control of your unit goods Misplacement of cargo is a known challenge in logistics, and it leads to significant costs. The Dallmeier tracking system offers cost-efficient solutions for this: Even the entry-level solution already enables automatic searches using the package number. Unit goods can be found in a matter of seconds. With the advanced solution, UWB technology on hand scanners, floor conveyors and UHD cameras can be combined to enable precise real-time tracking of all cargo positions, without the need for intermediate scans. So, logistics companies can prevent misplacements, incorrect loading operations and empty runs.


Automatic weighing system

Correct weight information at all times Wireless weighing forks on forklift trucks can replace manual weighing processes as of now. With the automatic weighing solution, incorrect and false weight information is discovered and the correct data is transmitted directly to the warehouse management system (WMS).


Automatic volume calculation

Simple integration in existing workflows Volume calculation is also child’s play: special 3D cameras record volumes and replace all manual recording processes. Possible mistakes and incorrect data on dimensions (L/W/H) are detected and the correct data is transferred to the WMS. And in order to guarantee seamless integration into proven processes, an existing track can be defined as a measuring segment.


The Dallmeier logistics management module pulls all the threads together The management module in the Dallmeier solution ensures complete integration in third-party systems and correlation of all data required for search, analysis and statistics. The result: Optimisation of the entire process chain from incoming to outgoing goods delivers significant cost reduction in administration, scan times, search processes and site management.





Dallmeier Logistics Solutions

Automatic Entry and Exit processes: Long waiting times belong to yesterday Logistics companies realise a wide range of commercial benefits with the modular solutions from Dallmeier. This begins with data capture upon entry: Here, the vehicle class and number plates of tractor units/trailers are detected automatically, the same applies for the ID numbers of containers/swap bodies and hazard classes. This way, logistics companies can successfully avoid long waiting times and reduce cycle times. Lead times can be improved still further by advance capture of ASNs, digitized consignment notes and direct integration of all data in the ERP system: Up to 90% of all manual processes are automated with the Dallmeier solution. The situation is similar upon exit. Automatic capture and processing of vehicle and hazardous materials data as well as consignment notes lead to shorter waiting times here too. And visual documentation helps with claims management.







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