Sigma I series Contemporary (C) lenses

Sigma I series Contemporary (C) lenses

Built for the streets with all-metal construction and classic manual controls. 

The Sigma DG DN Art lens range has created an enviable reputation for quality optics, and it was aimed at the professional shooter looking for faster lenses with uncompromised quality.  Sigma have also thought about those photographers who use full-frame mirrorless cameras and want to minimise the weight and bulk of their gear while on location. The lighter, more compact, Sigma I series Contemporary (C) range has been designed to meet those expectations. “Genuinely Made in Japan” has been SIGMA’s identity since it was founded. It shines through in every aspect of the I series, including the manufacturing, metalworking, and assembly technologies.

Sigma have been quietly expanding its I series prime lenses to cover super-wide (17mm) to telephoto (90mm) views. The range has high build quality with all-metal construction (w/metal lens hood) and the optics produce high resolution images on even the largest full-frame mirrorless sensors.

In the last couple of years, I’ve used many of the range (beginning with the 45mm) and have found them a pleasure to use, with high quality results and so easy to carry.

What follows is a brief rundown on the range and how you might apply these lenses to different subjects or photographic genres, together with some examples.

17mm F4 DG DN

"Compact. lightweight and high-performance ultra-wide-angle lens". Using the latest technology, the 17mm had been created without compromise, despite its challenging design concept, its wide-angle of view creates impactful landscape images with a unique perspective and thanks to its minimum close focusing distance of 12cm, the lens can be enjoyed in a variety of alternative ways, including close-up photography and hand-held selfies.

20mm F2 DG DN

Combining a bright maximum aperture of F2, an ultra-wide 20mm focal length and stunning optical performance, this lens boasts an exceptionally small form factor, weighing in at just 370g and measuring just 72.4mm in length*, which makes it a highly practical optic that is portable enough for everyday shooting. It's ideal for landscapes, wide-angle portraits, weddings, and interiors. Being particularly well-suited to astrophotography owing to its very well-controlled sagittal coma flare. It is the fourth I series lens with an F2 aperture, joining a 24mm, 35mm and 65mm, which together make a well-matched lens set for L-Mount and Sony E-Mount users, A sleek, all metal design, with a signature I series magnetic lens cap, a manual aperture ring and exceptional production quality means using this lens is a highly intuitive and satisfying experience, making the photo-taking process even more enjoyable.

*Figures are for L-Mount

 24mm F2 DG DN

The 24mm F2 DG DN I Contemporary offers superb optical performance, a bright F2 aperture, an all-metal build, and a manual aperture ring. Designed from the ground up for mirrorless systems it feels perfectly balanced on modern full-frame bodies and boasts exceptional resolving power that can keep up with the latest ultra-high-resolution cameras. The lens's advanced optical design produces sharp, high-contrast results from the center of the frame to the far corners, and together with its F2 aperture and wide angle-of-view, it's an excellent choice for night sky photography, events, and interiors. Owing to its compact size the lens can be carried around effortlessly, which makes it perfect for day-to-day use. The high quality, all-metal construction, which is found on all of SIGMA's I series models, makes the experience of owning and operating this lens extremely satisfying. This lens is designed for photographers who need a sharp, fast, robust wide-angle optic that will not weigh them down.

 24mm F3.5 DG DN

The 24mm F3.5 DG DN I Contemporary offers a very compact design like that of the 45mm F2.8 DG DN I Contemporary. Despite its small size, there is no compromise on performance. It can capture the finest details when shooting on high resolution full-frame cameras. With a very short minimum focus distance of around 10cm and a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:2, it enables photographers to shoot more freely, without worrying about the distance between the lens and the subject. The robust and stylish I series lens body finish brings a more satisfying shooting experience. The 24mm F3.5 DG DN I Contemporary is a versatile prime that will become an extension of your creative vision.

 35mm F2 DG DN

The 35mm F2 DG DN I Contemporary, a classic wide standard prime which photographers would not want to compromise on, comes with a maximum aperture of F2, and offers both compactness and high optical performance. Its modest size and weight make it portable enough to be carried around in a small kitbag for day-to-day shooting, but owing to its outstanding optical quality, wide aperture, and the high quality constructed body which is guaranteed for the I series range, it is equally comfortable being used for professional photos such as night sky photography and video works. This all-new wide standard lens is designed for photographers who value the experience of taking a picture just as much as the quality of the results.

 45mm F2.8 DG DN

Designed for combination with relatively small full-frame mirrorless cameras, this standard lens pursues easy operability as a regular prime lens by balancing its easy-to-carry size with high optical performance. Thereby embodying the Contemporary line's development concept of "pursuing optimum balance” and becoming the perfect first lens in the lineup dedicated for full-frame mirrorless cameras.

 50mm F2 DG DN

The SIGMA 50mm F2 DG DN I Contemporary features high optical performance with a bright F2 aperture, that creates expressive images with a shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh effects. With its compact size. this popular classic focal length is perfect for portraits, street and everyday photography, The lens has been designed to be used over a long period of time, using that same technology that SIGMA used to create the SIGMA CINE lens range. The 50mm F2 DG DN I Contemporary uses an all-metal construct that is robust and provides a premium feel. All these elements combine to create an exceptionally versatile lens that can be used in a variety of creative ways to create images with outstanding definition. Perfectly suited to new photographers looking to take the next step, professionals who require reliable lenses and photographers who prefer smaller full-frame lenses that offer the best optical quality.

65mm F2 DG DN

Long supported among photography lovers and even used for shooting films, a 65mm lens allows a slightly more compressed perspective than standard lenses, opening a variety of creative approaches for both photography and filmmaking. The ultra-sharp 65mm F2 DG DN I Contemporary can capture extremely fine detail even wide open at its maximum aperture of F2 and produces large and round bokeh. Furthermore. it has an all-metal body. which is a feature across all I series lenses, and the great care taken in the design to create the touch and feel of the lens in use.

 90mm F2.8 DG DN

Designed especially for mirrorless systems, it feels well-balanced on modern full-frame bodies and boasts exceptional resolving power that can keep up with the latest ultra-high-resolution cameras. With its versatile mid-telephoto focal length, the lens is the longest I series lens yet, but remains remarkably compact and light so that it is ideal for day-today use. It is fully optimised for mirrorless systems with ultra-fast and accurate AF performance, and it boasts outstanding optical capabilities. The rich, smooth bokeh makes for attractive backgrounds, which is perfect for portraits, and the minimum focusing distance of 50cm allows photographers to get closer to their subject. This high-quality, everyday lens is able to bring scenes to life with its beautiful rendering and ultra-sharp optics, all in a portable, robust and tactile lens body.