The XC Camera: Explore, Inspire, Create, Anywhere

Explore. Inspire. Create. Anywhere.
The XC Camera.

A photographer’s view of the world around them is distinct. Light sculpts form. Form defines shape. Shape narrates composition. Composition elicits response.

While a photographer may see the world in those terms, without tools at the ready to record it, that view remains abstract. The XC is designed to be with you always. Unobtrusive and accessible, the XC complements your journey.

The XC Camera equips you with the instrument necessary to explore, and the unparalleled image quality to inspire.

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Exploration – Unleash the explorer within
With the Phase One XC, photography is at your fingertips. You can carry your camera anywhere, capture anything, and record the inspiration as it strikes.

Inspiration – Get inspired anywhere  
Designed for simplicity and convenience. With an emphasis on the essentials the XC enables your process. The ultra-wide-angle nurtures inspiration, viewing the world from an expansive perspective.

Image quality – Create your piece of art  
The XC delivers the highest quality, highest dynamic range and a richness of color, in the highest resolution. There is nothing more impressive than the quality and detail of a Phase One image.

Integration – Capture excellence  
Phase One continually pioneers digital image quality. The XC provides photographic technology in a class of its own. With a priority on intuitive integration and feature growth, the XC Camera embodies unparalleled system control and visionary capture tools.


The Travel + City photographer

The approach
You want to explore. Inspiration is everywhere. Don’t settle for anything less than Phase One when it comes to your photography.

Unparalleled image quality
The breathtaking quality of the XC Camera are sure to impress and inspire others. Immersive detail, incredible sharpness throughout the frame and unparalleled flexibility in the files, provides infinite creative possibilities.

No distractions
Be in the moment, not immersed in camera settings. Through it’s simple design, accented by key features like Automated Frame Averaging, exposure control and Capture One Inside, you can focus on finding the inspiration through exploration.

Go-anywhere Design
The XC Camera emphasizes a straight-forward and travel-friendly design that can accompany you anywhere. The form and aesthetic underline the system’s priorities as a new breed of camera, focused on image quality while masterfully achieving simplicity.

 Effortless capture
The XC delivers full digital integration and intuitive, easy-to-master operation. We gave meticulous attention to fine details and usability features, elevating your shooting experience.

 Complete workflow
The benefits of an integrated system expand beyond the XC camera alone. The entire system works in harmony throughout your workflow, from capture to end result.



XC Camera Technology

Phase One was born digital and, by pioneering a fully integrated camera with medium and large format optics, we endeavor to streamline and re-imagine the benefits a companion camera can provide. The XC Camera features an ultra-wide-angle medium format lens, complete digital integration and workflow, and X-Shutter technology.


Full digital integration
The XC seamlessly integrates shutter controls without the need for external accessories or cables. Comprised of an IQ4, XC Camera, X-Shutter, and Rodenstock 23mm lens, the camera enables an effortless capture workflow.

Integrated exposure control
Compose, focus and shoot. Shutter and aperture controls are integrated into the IQ4 touch screen to allow for seamless and intuitive operation with 100% accurate results. Beyond the essential communication of the components, the XC Camera incorporates a single, simple and straightforward, dual-action shutter button. The simplicity and elegance of the camera emphasizes the essentials of photography.

Quality optics
Known for their great resolving power and contrast at large apertures, the optical design of the Rodenstock HR 23mm lenses reduces diffraction and color noise, even at the pixel density of the IQ4 150MP, providing flexibility to the full frame medium format sensor.

  • The XC 23mm – Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 23mm f/5.6 is simply the best ultra-wide-angle medium format lens.

151 million pixels
The XC Camera elevates the highest resolution full frame medium format sensor available, ensuring that each RAW image takes full control of the astounding quality and detail provided by the Rodenstock 23mm. The flexibility afforded by such image resolution provides endless possibilities in print, as well as providing the flexibility and convenience to crop and scale images to previously unimaginable levels.

At the heart of the XC – Rodenstock 23mm is the X-Shutter. The X-Shutter is an intelligently integrated and electronically controlled shutter, born out of Phase One’s Geospatial applications and experience. The X-Shutter is purpose-built to allow for finer control in a smaller form factor. Powered by the IQ4, the X-Shutter shares in the ambition of the Infinity Platform for future growth and flexibility.

IQ4 Infinity Platform
At the core of the XC Camera is the IQ4, built on the powerful and flexible Infinity Platform. The Infinity Platform dynamically expands and adapts to market demands and technological changes. It provides you with new features, functions, compatibility, and improved usability. The Infinity Platform enables the same IQ4 to seamlessly switch between the professional power and functionality of XF, to the dedicated landscape design of the XT.

Capture One Inside
We integrated the cutting-edge RAW editing core of Capture One software directly into your camera to reflect your personal aesthetic in the RAW file itself. Thanks to the ample processing power of the IQ4, with Capture One Inside you get greater control over your RAW capture when you are away from your computer and immersed in your subject.

Precision details
The XC Camera System is built using only the highest quality materials. Each aspect of the design and manufacturing, all the way down to the handcrafted handgrip, focuses on quality and precision, ensuring an exclusive and enjoyable shooting experience.


For any further information or an expression of interest, please contact Greg Webb - [email protected] or 021 979 983