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Isabel Ruiz

Perseverance and the never-ending search for “the” photo.

The pure passion and sensitivity of Isabel Ruiz’s photography


Isabel is the example of perseverance and the never-ending search for “the” photo. With a camera in her hands since she was a child, she finds in Phase One the definitive tool to express herself. Isabel travels the world with her XT, capturing unforgettable moments.

"Isabel’s work is recognizable by a sincere aesthetic, and at the same time full of subtle complexity, which encourages us to contemplate the scenarios that move the author. To achieve this requires exquisite photography from capture through post that allows all these emotions to be properly transmitted.”
José María Mellado


By Isabel Ruiz

I was born in Uruguay, lived in Spain during my adolescence, and am currently based in Peru. I’m a businesswoman but have also been passionate about landscape photography since I was a child. I always carried my camera to photograph nature – from the white sand beaches and deserts of Uruguay, to the mountains of Peru where I settled permanently.

In 2010, I became more dedicated to my photography, alongside my business work. Now, I explore different destinations around the world through my photography.

I consider landscape photography to be a challenge of combining the light, shadows and color of the nature around me. Nature offers rich tones, contrasts and definition of textures, and that is very appealing to me. The most representative images for me are surrounded by warm lights and abrupt landscapes.

Landscape photography is also slower. I always force myself to think before taking the shot – assess whether I should wait for a better atmosphere or anticipate a cloud that will cast an interesting change of light on the scene.

I currently use a Phase One XT with the Rodenstock XT – HR Digaron. The outstanding photographer José María Mellado introduced me to Phase One. I had the opportunity to test an XF, and the high quality of the resulting images shocked me. I ultimately decided to buy the Phase One XT because it is perfect for easily moving around in inhospitable landscapes and remote places.

The ability to move such sophisticated equipment to places with extreme climates and geographies can’t be compared to anything else. And the results with the XT have been amazing to me. Compared to the Sony and Nikon equipment that I have used before, I feel that now I can take a photograph that is more reflective of the scene with much better results in tonal range and resolution. The detail is much more natural W 32mm f/4 lens, and intend to keep my equipment updated with all the new tools that Phase One offers.