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Survey Division

Operating since 1968, C.R. Kennedy Survey has the knowledge and experience to keep you covered.

C.R.Kennedy is the only national supplier in Australia of surveying instruments, machine automation, and surveying accessories. C.R.Kennedy’s survey division was founded in 1968, originally with Pentax optical levels. Now the Survey division represents 28% of the company’s turnover, and 35% of the gross profit. In the years 2000 to 2009, following the commencement of a distribution agreement with Leica Geosystems, Switzerland, the survey division grew from 22 to 83 staff, of which 30 are fully qualified surveyors. To backup the survey division, the company has additional staff in marketing and advertising, accounts and logistics.

C.R.Kennedy has industry expert personnel in service, support, training and marketing to ensure the survey division reaches its full potential, and customers are offered the best support across Australia.

The survey division is heavily involved in automation of earth moving equipment, and is the only national supplier of machine automation equipment. The market acceptance of machine automation is rising across Australia with many large scale projects adopting the technology. To date, C.R.Kennedy has successfully delivered and installed the largest Machine Automation project in Australia, the Fortescue Metals Railway site in Western Australia in Australia’s remote Pilbara region. Other projects of note are the first installation of Leica’s 3D grader solution on the drive-bywire Caterpillar M-type in the world, and an installation on the largest excavator in Australia.